After a long hiatus from music, Emeli Sandé is finally back and better than ever. The songstress released her sophomore album a couple of weeks back, nearly five years after her debut album, Our Version Of Events, was released.

Despite the time lapse between albums, Emeli made the wait worth it, delivering a beautiful and emotionally charged album. Long Live The Angels takes one through a series of emotions, touching on topics such as faith, love, pain and loss. Despite the different topics, the sequence of the tracks on the album have been done in such a way that we can focus on one emotion, appreciate it, understand it and then more on to the next. Here are some of our favourite songs from the album:

Standout Tracks

Highs and Lows

Writers: Emeli Sandé, Tom Barnes, Peter Kelleher, Ben Kohn, Wayne Hector

Producers: Tom Barnes, Ben Kohn, Peter Kelleher

This song reminds of Adele’s ‘Rumour Has It’. The vibe of the song is very catchy but still leaves room for the listener to understand the message it’s trying to relay. Life takes us through high and lows and having someone to stick with you through it is priceless.

 Give Me Something

Writers: Emeli Sandé, Matthew Holmes, Philip Leigh, Chris Loco

Producers: Emeli Sandé, Mac & Phil

This track struck a very emotional chord in us because of the sheer desperation in Emeli’s voice during the chorus as she begs God to give her something to believe in.  We also like the subtleness of the instrumentals in the song, which in a way help to lift up Emeli’s voice, making the song much more powerful.

Sweet Architect

Writers: Emeli Sandé, Jonny Coffer, Mojam, James Murray

Producers: Jonny Cooger, Mojam

Sweet Architect gives us serious gospel vibes. We would describe as Emeli’s love song to God. She admits her fragility in the song saying ‘my bones are heavy and her soul’s a mess’ and asks God to build her up. The religious undertone of the song juxtaposed with the simplicity and humility of the lyrics make one of the best, if not the best song on the album.


Writers: Emeli Sandé, Matthew Holmes, Philip Leigh

Producers: Mac & Phil, Loco

We would describe ‘Babe’ as a feel good song. The clapping at the beginning leading to the melodic chords of the guitar and then the thumping as the beat of the song kicks in, make you want to move your body. The song talks about finding love after darkness, the euphoria one feels after getting to that point in their life, and throwing themselves into the love that they are feeling, something we all hope for.