Things have gone from bad to worse with Chris Brown. We reported yesterday that Brown was accused of pointing a gun at a Baylee Curran, a former beauty queen, actress and model. We can now confirm that Brown has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon.  After the police searched his house,  Brown was taken into custody and formally charged and processed. He has since been released on $250,000 bail, and is scheduled to appear in court on the 20th of September.

According to Curran, she and a business associate went to Brown’s house on Monday night. Everything was fine until she admired some jewellery owned by Brown’s friend, which angered the friend. This was the point where Brown allegedly got involved. Speaking to ABC News, the 25 year old actress told her side of the story, saying “I was just standing over it admiring it. Not touching it…and then one of Chris’s friends says back away from the diamond. That’s when Chris came in and said ‘I’m so sick of all of you people.’ He took the gun out put it in my face and said ‘get the F out.’  Curran left the house shortly after and called the police.

For someone who was “terrified…absolutely terrified”, Curran seems to be enjoying the attention.  Just saying.  Whatever happened, it doesn’t take a genius to point out the fact that Baylee Curran is capitalising on her new fame. Homegirl has been doing all the publicity rounds, speaking to ABC’s Good Morning America, E! News, TMZ and various other news platforms.

Brown’s team have denied the allegations profusely. Chris’ lawyer, Mark Geragos, gave an update on the situation via twitter early today, letting fans know that Chris had been released from jail and and assuring the public that the claims against Chris are “demonstrably false.”

Brown also defended himself, taking to Instagram during the stand off with the police. He aired out his frustrations on how he was being treated by the police and accused the LAPD of harassment.

Some celebrities have spoken out in support of Chris, including Ray J, who was present when the incident took place. Ray J expressed his disappointment on how the police handled the situation and insisted that Chris is innocent. See Ray J’s video post and other celebrities defending Chris below:

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Clearly, not everyone is buying Curran’s story. In an interesting plot twist, word on the street is that Baylee doesn’t have the cleanest past.  According to NYDP records,  Curran was accused of stealing a friends Michael Kors purse and another friends $1000 Louis Vuitton purse. She is currently listed as a wanted individual for grand larceny in the state of New York. Furthermore, although she was crowned Miss Regional California 2016, she has since been stripped of her crown for violating a moral cause.  The Miss California US CEO, Lowona Crawford, told NY Daily News that “she won in April but we stripped her of the title in June. She is not Miss Regional California 2016. We have asked her many times to please return the sash and crown, but she has ignored us.”

It will be interesting to see how this whole thing pans out.  We’ll keep you posted!