Ed Sheeran finally dropped the video for his number one single ‘Shape of You’ off his highly anticipated album, ÷ (Divide), today. The pop star released not one but two singles, ‘Shape of You’ and ‘Castle On The Hill’, a couple of weeks ago and since then, Ed has dominated the UK charts with the singles being number one (‘Shape Of You’) and two (‘Castle On The Hill’) respectively.  The ‘Shape Of You’ video see’s Sheeran transform into a boxer, whilst finding love on the way. Check out the video below:

Our thoughts:

Hmmm we think the video is a grower. We weren’t immediately capitvated. The synopsis is pretty straight forward in that Ed meets a girl at the gym and they fall for each other. The girl then has to leave suddenly, but leaves Ed a clue. The rest of the video shows Ed training very hard for a fight (perhaps there’s a double meaning in that he’s also fighting for the girl of his dreams). Hilariously, the fight is between him and a sumo wrestler who kicks his ass. But in the end, Ed gets the girl – shock horror.

It’s kind of confusing whether the video is meant to be serious or not as there are some really intense scenes but funny ones too – bit of a mind fuck really. That being said, maybe Ed is spot on in his interpretation of falling in love. After all, in many ways, falling in love is a bit of a mind fuck!