Looks like Jay Z is moving more and more away from music, and focusing on his many lucrative business ventures. According to TMZ, the rapper and businessman has shown interest in buying the unreleased catalogue of late musician, Prince.

Jay is apparently so serious about it that the flew Tyka, Prince’s sister, and her husband to New York for a meeting. Sources tell TMZ that the Jay made an offer of about $40 million. However, before making any decisions, Tyka has to get approval from all of her siblings as well Prince’s trust.

Jay Z isn’t the only one that is interested in buying Prince’s catalogue.  Other interested parties include major record labels, Warner, Sony and Universal Music Group.  It’ll be interesting to see how wins the bid. Whoever it is, stands to make a fortune. Prince might be gone, but his legacy definitely lives on. Yes. We know the last sentence rhymed.