Kanye West and his never ending book of magic tricks just pulled out a new stunt on us. The rapper met with President elect, Donald Trump yesterday, a move that baffled the vast majority of people. The new buddies met at Trump Tower in New York and after the meeting, the posed for the camera’s in the lobby after their meeting.

A source explained the reason for the meeting to CNN, saying the the following:

Finding ways to effect change for that particular issue has been heavy on Kanye’s mind for years and he has been talking about it more often most recently with family and friends. His hope is that he will be able to keep this issue fresh on the mind of the Trump administration and they will make making Chicago safe again a priority.

This comes after Kanye’s rant during one of his concerts, where he said that he didn’t vote but if he had, he wouldn’t have voted for Hillary Clinton, but rather, Donald Trump.  We wonder what the rest of the Kardashian family think about this new move, especially considering their pretty vocal support for Hillary Clinton, Kim included.  Scooter Braun, Kanye’s manager was also heavily involved in campaigning for Hillary so it would be interesting to get his take on this whole situation.

Nevertheless, everyone is entitled to their beliefs and perhaps Kanye feels like now that Trump will be president, he should try and make sure that the soon to be president is making the right decisions help the community in Chicago and other policies that are important to him. The one question that is on everyones minds is whether this means that Kanye could potentially be performing at Trump’s inauguration in January. If tongues weren’t wagging before, Kanye performing  would  certainly do the trick!