Khloe Kardashian is about to be divorced y’all. Finally! According to TMZ, Khloe Kardashian and her soon to be ex-husband, Lamar Odom have reached a property settlement and have officially signed off on their divorce.

It has been a very long journey to get to this point. Khloe first filed for divorce in 2013, but the divorce was put on hold for a while as Khloe and Lamar sorted tried to work on their issues. Lamar has battled with drug addiction for the past couple of years which has put a strain their relationship due to Lamar’s unwillingness to go to rehab and seek help for his issues. Khloe had gone back and forth trying to help Lamar and save her marriage. However, just as she had decided she was ready to end the marriage, Lamar overdosed last year.  The reality TV star rushed to her estranged husband’s side and virtually nursed him back to health, calling off the divorce proceedings in the process. Sadly, she soon realised that Lamar had not learnt from his past overdose and was still struggling with drug addiction and refiled for divorce.

Khloe is currently dating Cleveland Cavaliers power forward, Tristian Thompson.  Things seem to be getting serious with the couple and there have even been rumours swirling that Khloe is pregnant with Tristian’s baby. We hope it’s true. Considering how much Khloe has been through, she deserves to happy.