D’Anthony Carlos who goes by the name Goldlink, is a 23 year old rapper who’s debut mixtape The God Complex was a critical success.

At What Cost is a jittery, arrogant and wonderful album from the Washington DC native. It is an album full of what Goldlink does well, mixing musical genres and unique delivery. He does not sound like anyone and he confidently portrays this in his music.


His sound is grounded in his hometown of Washington DC which, he says in interviews, has not had it’s proper due in the Rap game. The fast-paced ‘Gogo’ sound, popularlised in the 80’s is evident here as well as Funk and EDM.  He calls this aesthetic Future Bounce.

The album is cohesive, it tells the experiences of growing up on the streets of DC, of falling love, of dealing with violence and gentrification, and dealing with both sycophants and haters. The beats and overall feeling reminds one of Summer and more than anything, of the confidence uniquely cultivated by black boys.


Break Out Tracks:


Featuring Jazmine Sullivan and Kaytranada,  talks about his love for and eventual yearning for his past DMV girlfriend.

Writers: KAYTRANADA, Jazmine Sullivan & GoldLink



Featuring Shy Glizzy & Brent Faiyaz.  This is a Trap inspired track sure to be a favourite for the clubs this summer with clever wordplay and unique delivery.

Writers: GoldLink & Teddy Walton

Herside Story

This is a remake of Hare Squead’s  Herside Story, here  Goldlink returns to his themes of loving and losing a black woman who he still wants back.

Writers: Jessy Rose, Tony Lomena, Henoc Cubaca, Felix Joseph, Hare Squead & GoldLink