Just the other day week we were reporting that Tidal owner, Jay Z, had allegedly been in negotiations with Prince’s estate to buy Prince’s unreleased catalogue, and now, Prince’s estate is suing Jay Z’s management firm, Roc Nation over Tidal’s right to stream Prince’s music!

According to The Star Tribune, the estate claims that Tidal only had permission to stream Prince’s album HitNRun:Phase 1, which was released in September 2015, for 90 days. Tidal, however, has been streaming virtually all of Prince’s catalogue since the initial agreement in 2015. The claim accuses Tidal of ‘exploiting many copyrighted Price works’ and want to stop Tidal from streaming Prince’s back catalogue.  Roc Nation have denied the claim and have argued that they have ‘the right to exclusively stream [the] entire catalogue of music, with certain limited expectations.’

There has been a lot of speculation surrounding Prince’s catalogue as the iconic musician was famously particular about how his music was shared.  More recently, there had been a bidding war for Prince’s unreleased catalogue, which Universal Music Publishing Group eventually won.  The company released a statement on 2nd November announcing that it had been appointed ‘the exclusive worldwide publishing administrator for Prince’s entire song catalogue, released and unreleased, effective immediately.’

This battle could potentially get quite nasty. It has been estimated that Prince’s unreleased music alone is worth $100 million. You know what they say, money brings out the ugliest side of people!