Are Rob and Chyna Over?

Just when we thought Rob Kardashian finally come out of his depression, he goes back into isolation. According to TMZ, the reality star’s family ‘are worried his life is now in danger.’ Rob has been battling with depression for the past couple of years and has gained an alarming amount of weight in the process, resulting in him being diagnosed with diabetes.

We all thought things we looking up for Rob, especially after he started hooking up with his now fiancé, Blac Chyna and everyone was praising Chyna for pulling him out of his depression. Sadly, Rob has reverted back to his previous state. This comes after multiple reports that Rob and Chyna are having serious issues and are no longer together. Why? Insiders close to Rob and Chyna tell TMZ that one of the reasons why they have been fighting is because Rob is ‘convinced she’s going to leave him for a rapper.’
Sources say that not only have Chyna and Rob split, but he has moved out of Chyna’s house and has been living in his home for the past 2 months and has rarely left his house during that time.

The most recent dose of Rob’s disappearing act was a couple of days ago when Rob didn’t show up to the baby shower his sisters threw him. Apparently he was pissed with them, especially Kylie for not inviting Chyna to his baby shower. Rob took to twitter to air out his frustrations. See below.

That being said, Rob posted this video of Chyna’s preggo belly yesterday evening so maybe they are working things out. This whole scenario seems like a hot ass mess.

Rob Snapchat

Whatever the case is, if this is all a publicity stunt for their show, we’re sold! We’ll definitely be watching it this week.